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Graphic Overlay Features

Base Material

Overlays are generally printed on the backside (sub surface) of a clear material, typically polyester or polycarbonate. Subsurface printed graphics are protected by the clear film itself which eliminates the need for an overlaminate. See “materials” section for a full list of materials available.

We utilise a full range of materials and adhesives to offer Graphic Overlay solutions for all applications. For any given market sector or application we are able to provide the perfect solution, giving our customers confidence in the suitability of their finished product.

Our Graphic Overlays can include a variety of surface textures and special finishes, including custom or braille embossing, hidden-’til-lit windows, anti-microbial finishes, mirror chrome inks, and interchangeable legends, to name but a few.

3M™ Adhesives

The adhesive is on the underside of the base material, which adheres the overlay to the product. The specific type of 3M™ adhesive will depend on the surface to which it’s applied.


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